Why is PayPal banned in Pakistan?

PayPal is a digital wallet service that allows you sending or receiving money to and from any person or a company around the globe. PayPal is a great blessing that ensures safe transactions. Unfortunately, they are not offering their services for Pakistan.


Many years have passed that Freelancers and bloggers are struggling to convince PayPal somehow open their payment gateway for Pakistan. Many petitions have been signed and submitted, but all in vain. This left all of the Pakistani Internet Marketers deprived of one of the basic, yet most important facility for sending and receiving online payments. There are over 190 countries in which PayPal services are available, but only a few of which Pakistan is a part has been kicked off from the list.

Still you can get Payoneer that is better than Paypal:

Why is it so?

It is mainly due to the stringent State Bank regulations and plenty of Internet scams. Not all the bloggers and freelancers are scammers. There are a few hackers who have defamed the name of our country, and for this reason many other big companies like Google Adsense have strict policies against our Country.

Since scam is rife in this country, it is possible that you may find many local agents and unauthorized companies claiming that they have access to verified PayPal. Over 90% of such companies are total scam. However, there are a few trusted websites and companies who can show you a proven way of verifying PayPal in Pakistan. You can check competitiveness blog to verify PayPal, as they are one of the most trusted networks that have helped thousands of Pakistanis in verifying their PayPal account free of cost.

PayPal is Banned In Pakistan

Since being banned from the beginning, most of the online merchants in Pakistan are looking for an alternative and over 95% of online businesses relies on PayPal for their safe transactions. We have also tried much time to melt PayPal’s heart somehow for offering their services, but every time rejected.

You must be thankful to the freelancing companies who also introduced some additional payment processors like Payoneer MasterCard, Skrill, etc. to send and receive payment online. With the Payoneer’s US Payment service, you can receive payments nearly from all freelancing and ad publishing companies.

Why You Must Have PayPal?

Even though PayPal isn’t available in Pakistan, but it is still necessary to have a personal verified PayPal account in Pakistan. You can also request your family member or friend who is living in a country where PayPal offers its services in helping you out verifying your personal PayPal. You can use their legal documents for verifying and securing your PayPal completely, else follow the guide that I quoted above.

PayPal verification isn’t a difficult process in Pakistan, it may take a bit of extra time, but you can still verify it using third party services like Payoneer. We will keep on trying to file petitions against PayPal to offer its services in Pakistan. For this, you have to raise your voice with other Internet marketers.


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