Bahria Town Lahore Location Map, Plots for Sale & Installments Plan

Bahria Town Lahore, the largest residential project of Lahore has invoked a new spirit among the developers by introducing the inspirational housing communities with unique and historical architecture and modern designs. The blend of traditional, historical and modern lifestyles make Bahria Town distinguished among all housing projects of Lahore. Bahria Town is not a single housing society. It combines a wide range of housing projects for the people who want to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in the land of the greens. All of the required health facilities, business and commercial opportunities, the basic amenities and entertainment facilities are available for the people.

Bahria Town Lahore Location Map, Plots for Sale & Installments Plan

Bahria Town Infrastructure

The basic infrastructure of Bahria Town housing scheme includes the following features.

Grid Station – The society has its own grid station to provide you with the uninterrupted power supply 24/7. The grid station is well maintained to ensure the maximum reliability to enlighten your houses.

Telephone Exchange – Bahria town management provides you with the latest telephone exchange for a high-speed broadband internet service and a noise-free landline connection to be in touch with your loved ones and the family members inland and abroad.

Schools – Bahria Town contains the schools to provide you with the education of international standards. Highly qualified and experienced faculties, fully equipped computer labs, science labs, libraries and wide playgrounds are essential features of these schools.

Hospitals – A complete medical service of international standards is an integral part of this housing society. The highly qualified and experienced medical specialists and surgical staff run the hospital with the state-of-the-art medical equipment.

Transport System – A quality transport system to reach the various parts of the society is provided by the management. You can quickly access all of the main zones of the housing scheme.

Fire Brigade Service – The safety of the residents is the main priority. So, the management provides a dedicated fire brigade service to the residents.

Post Office – The modern postal services and equipment in Bahria Town post office ensure the swift delivery to and from your desired destination.

Police Station – The society has set up a government police station to ensure the security of every resident. The management provided free land to build the high alert and functional police station for a peaceful and secure Bahria Town.

Maintenance Services – To ensure your peaceful life, the management has formed a very active and experienced Maintenance Services Wing. You do not need to look for a stranger to fix a problem at your home. Just call 24/7 and get the maintenance services at home without wasting money. You do not need to pay any service charges. Just pay for the material replacement.

Garbage Disposal Unit – Beauty is easy to achieve, but hard to maintain. Therefore, the management of Bahria Town has constituted a Civil Maintenance Wing to maintain the beauty of the place. It keeps the roads cleans by collecting the garbage from homes on a daily basis. The trained staff disposes of all littering before it spoils the place.

Underground Utility System – Bahria Town is the first housing scheme in Pakistan that ensured to lay the basic utility systems underground. The electricity supply system, gas, telephone and water supply systems lay underground in all of the units.

Location Map

Bahria Town Amenities

Grand Jamia Masjid – The world’s largest masjid has become Bahria Town’s proud identity. It makes Pakistan distinguished among all of the Islamic countries. The mosque has fabulous interior and magnificent fusion of Islamic architecture. The carpets to cover the flooring have been imported from Turkey. It has the capacity of 70,000 prayers including the 25,000 prayers’ capacity in its inner areas.

Dolphin Arena – Dolphin Arena contains wonderful acrobats of Dolphins to give you an everlasting experience. These friendly and amusing mammals make your time precious and full of entertainment. So, watching the acrobats of Dolphins, you and your children learn a lot along with killing your boredom.

Night Safari – Bahria Town proudly presents Pakistan’s first Night Safari for you besides the Day safari. Now you can experience the company of wild mammals in Bahria Town. It gives you unique feelings in a very secure and pure natural environment.

Bahria Food Park – Now tantalize your taste buds with exotic foods from different parts of the world and continent. The food park has all of the tastes you just crave for.

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Bahria Town Most Famous Housing Projects

Bahria Town comprises of different sectors and blocks. It is difficult to mention all of the sectors with the payment plans. However, I am trying to circle the most prominent features and the housing projects offered by Bahria Town. Generally, Bahria Town offers various residential plots in 5 marlas, 8 marlas, 10 marlas, 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal. Bahria Town offers different commercial plots of sizes including 2 marlas, 3 marlas, 4 marlas, 5 marlas and 8 marlas. Let’s have a bird’s eye view of the most famous housing projects offered by Bahria Town Lahore.

Awami Villas

Awami Villas as the name suggests is a high-quality public housing project where you can purchase the plots in average price. The project is situated on main Raiwind Road, quite opposite to the Lake City Holdings. It is 13 KM away from Thokar Niaz Baig. The basic purpose to introduce such an economical housing project is to provide shelter to every person at an affordable price. All of the basic necessities and facilities have been provided to this society. So, the people with an average income can fulfil the dream of having their own home at Bahria Town.

Safari Villas

This community has a theme around Trafalgar Square with the state-of-the-art key features. The community is located next to the B Sector housing unit of Bahria Town that is located in the heart of the housing scheme. The villas are available in various sizes. You can choose among 125 Sq. yards, 175 Sq. yards, 200 Sq. yards, 250 Sq. yards and 300 Sq. yards villas. Safari Villas can be truly your luxurious residence in front of the replica of London’s Trafalgar Square in a very green and healthy atmosphere. Just imagine a green place with sprinkling fountains, exotic peaceful parks, and a central garden with animal sanctuaries and therapeutic interior decoration with the modern art around you. This is what you get in Safari Villas. The grand entrance, walled community, uninterrupted power, gas and water supply, high-quality security and all of the facilities beyond your imagination are present here.


  • Safari Shopping Mall
  • Bahria Hospital with international standard health and medical facilities
  • Green Valley Super Mart that contains everything you dream of
  • Trafalgar Square Replica to enjoy the company of historical and international monuments
  • Zoo for the children and parents to enjoy their leisure time.

Bahria Homes

Bahria Homes is another proud offer of Bahria Town management. It is a housing project that currently offers 6 Marla, 3 bedroom modern-cum-classical luxurious villas. It is situated at a prime location 20 minutes away from Canal Road Lahore. Away from the hustle and bustle of Lahore, it is still very close to all of the central parts of the city. The community provides you with international standard schooling and hospital facilities.

It contains wider commercial areas, Mini Golf course for the golf lovers, a panoramic food court where you can find the exotic tastes of Lahori and continental foods. It has a Gold class cinema, the banks, mosques and a network of green parks connected with a vast central park. The landscaped roads are well-built with footpaths for the pedestrians.


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